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One of the fundamental jobs of a network administrator is networking monitoring. Networking monitoring is the process of checking the computers, systems, and services that comprise a network. This examination allows a network administrator to maintain a robust network and even to improve upon the network.

While a networking monitoring system can provide information about problems, it can also provide information about improving the network. A good system will allow you to generate log files and performance charts that detail your system's capabilities and responses. With this data, you can tweak your settings to find the optimal set-up.

On this site, you find a complete listing of network-related Monitor Tools available today. All Tools are organized by categories:

Software Categories
>  Active Directory Monitoring >  Network Traffic Monitoring
>  Alerting >  PC Monitoring
>  Application Monitoring >  Performance Monitoring
>  Application Performance Management >  SaaS Monitoring
>  Cloud Monitoring >  Protocol Analyzing and Packet Capturing
>  Database Monitoring >  Security Monitoring
>  Enterprise Management >  Service Level Monitoring
>  Environmental Monitoring >  SNMP Monitoring
>  Event Log Monitoring >  UNIX /Linux Monitoring
>  File System Monitoring >  VMware Monitoring
>  IT Service Assurance >  VoIP Monitoring
>  Network & System Monitoring >  Web Monitoring
>  Network Diagnostic Tools  
>  Featured Product (special category) >  Freeware Tools (special category)

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